The lockdowns made us introduce the comprehensive cake Lists (website and Instagram). After 18 months, we realised the Lists have stifled our baking creativity and seasonal gay abandon!
So, as our community and city slowly embrace the joys of life pre lockdowns, we ask your blessing for us to do the same. We want to be that cake shop where you pop in and let us feed you cake! There will always be classics with more little surprises. Think of the retired Lists like a sample menu. The sandwiches will be up on our board when you swing by for cake!
Thank you, as always and as deeply, for your understanding and support.


Check our daily instagram posts for the savoury specials!

All bread made by Beatrix hands.
Open 9am to 2pm unless we sell out prior.

PLEASE NOTE that we are still takeaway only (no eat in). No single use cutlery or takeaway cups so please BYO.  If you have a cake question during the day, message (not call please) us via the shop number 0403 698 836.